Neova SmartSkincare

Neova SmartSkincare is a Nobel Prize winning addition to the QnA team, helping us to provide our patients with new effective and innovative ways to deliver results that speak for themselves. Neova specializes in DNA repair by using enzymes, copper peptide complexes, and intense antioxidants to mend the skin from the inside out. It’s superstar DNA Repair Serum uses a concentrated form of the DNA repair enzymes as well as various antioxidants to help nourish the skin, and rebuild years’ worth of photodamage and photoaging. 

Backed by Science

Another interesting fact about Neova’s DNA repair enzymes is that they can help to treat pre-cancerous lesions. The brand also targets body skin concerns as well, and harbors a Body Repair Lotion that supplies those same reparative enzymes and antioxidants- perfect for sun damaged areas or crepey, aging skin. Backed by science, Neova offers promised results with consistent use and dedication to their products- a trusted brand that’d be a chef’s kiss to anyone’s skincare regimen. 

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