A Hydrating Moisturizer
With No Greasy Residue

Are you struggling with dry, flaky skin that doesn’t seem to go away with just any exfoliator? Then Glytone products are calling your name! The Glytone brand specializes in delivering glycolic acid into the skin at a free acid value, meaning the percentage or strength of glycolic acid listed on their products are entirely being absorbed into the skin with no buffers like other skincare brands. Glytone is also a fantastic line that provides anti-aging benefits and even helps to diminish acne scarring and callouses. For people who struggle with Keratosis Pilaris (rough, dry patches of skin with tiny white or red bumps), this brand has your back and arms as well!  The free acid values of glycolic acid in Glytone products turn your skin into a natural sponge which is able to absorb and retain moisture. The result is that your skin will look younger and healthier. Stop by QnA Medical Spa to find out which Glytone products are best for you!    

A Glycolic Acid Moisturizer for Most Skin Types

Our Glytone moisturizer uses glycolic acid, which is a proven promoter of new collagen synthesis. Glytone is strong enough to heal thick callused areas on your heels and elbows, leaving you with silky-smooth skin. This moisturizer is even potent enough to remove the small bumps that are often seen on teens' outer arms. If you suffer from eczema flare-ups, Glytone could help keep the severity and frequency down to a minimum.

QnA's Glytone is not just a moisturizer for those with skin troubles. It is also used to hydrate and exfoliate aging skin, so you are left with healthier and younger-looking skin. Since Glytone comes in various free acid values, it is excellent for most skin types. This magic in a bottle can heal your skin imperfections and keep your skin moisturized.


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