Soothe & Soften
Irritated & Sensitive Skin

Avene's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skincare line caters to those with very sensitive or reactive skin. The key ingredient used to make Avene’s products so universal for all skin types is their soothing thermal spring water. It was discovered in 1736 when a horse with a skin disease stumbled upon a spring in the slopes of the Black Mountain in the southwest of France. After months of the horse drinking and bathing in the spring, its skin began to heal. Extensive clinical research was performed, and it was discovered that this unique thermal spring water’s nourishing and healing properties were the perfect remedy for a multitude of skin conditions. This soothing skincare line helps to alleviate irritation from the use of prescription retinoids, and the benefits of the brand provide relief for those who are diagnosed with rosacea. Avene is also baby friendly!  Some of their products can be utilized to heal eczema, baby acne, and cradle cap.

A Gentle Cleanser & Cream

Avene's oil-free cleanser gently removes excess facial oils, make-up, and impurities without drying the skin. Its companion, Triacneal lotion, combines three effective key ingredients: 0.1% retinaldehyde and 6% glycolic acid, which benefit not only sensitive acne-prone skin, but also sun-damaged and aging skin, and efectiose, which decreases redness associated with acne. Avene also carries an effective line of redness-relief products that includes a day cream with SPF 25, a concentrated treatment cream with Ruscus extract, and a gentle cleanser to help neutralize red and rosacea-prone skin with little or no irritation.

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