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Laser Genesis for
Rosacea, Redness, & Texture

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Reduce Skin Redness
with Laser Genesis

Several conditions cause the skin of the face and neck to be red in appearance. These include rosacea, chronic sun damage, hereditary factors, and keratosis pilaris, which often reddens the cheeks of children as well as adults. All of these conditions are treatable by means of Laser Genesis, which targets only the red vessels in the skin while leaving the rest of the skin untouched. As treatments progress, the energy from Cutera's 1064 Nd: YAG laser gradually decreases skin redness while improving its texture by reducing pore size and stimulating collagen.

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Laser Genesis*

Laser Genesis for scarring
Laser Genesis with Acne Surgery
Laser Genesis with Acne Surgery
Laser Genesis with Acne Surgery
Laser Genesis for Facial Redness

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