Time Keeps on Ticking...

Neurotoxins (in the form of Botox© and Dysport©) have long been recognized for their impressive ability to relax "dynamic" wrinkles, the wrinkles that appear with facial movements.

Some people constantly overwork their facial muscles but are able to notice improvement in wrinkles even when the face is at rest after one treatment with neurotoxin. Others feel frustrated went fine lines creep in permanently, etching into the skin as if by a chisel. But what if those imprinted wrinkles could be prevented from forming in the first place?

A researcher titillated us all in 2009 when he compared the faces of twins: one who received Botox at least twice per year for over 10 years (starting at age 25), while the other only received two treatments over that same time span. He noticed that treated areas did not have imprinted lines and that dynamic wrinkling was less severe in the regularly treated twin than in the minimally treated twin. These findings suggested that neurotoxin may not only treat existing wrinkles, but also serve to prevent unwanted lines from making permanent marks on the skin.

As I contrast the faces of my younger children (who, despite their most silly and twisted facial expressions, never show wrinkles) with my own face (which proudly shows some laugh lines at their antics), I, too hope to freeze this moment in time with the help of some "preventative tox."

Dr. April Sanchez
American Board Certified Dermatologist

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