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The Magic Wand

There are many conditions in medicine for which a magic wand would be very useful. Unfortunately, they are in short supply. There is, however, an ingenious tool that has been shown in head-to-head studies to magically melt fat more efficiently with fewer side effects than any other fat melting method available.

Here’s how it works through a small needle-stick incision, a laser filament the width of angel hair pasta is inserted into the fat layer. Laser energy then melts the fat, closes off the tiny blood vessels in the fat layer, and tightens skin by generating collagen formation.

All of this is done safely in a matter of minutes under local anesthesia.

A recent review of the various methods of fat removal confirmed that laser liposuction is superior to standard liposuction. Moreover, the much-touted procedures which seek to eliminate fat by either freezing, low-level laser, ultrasound, or radiofrequency can only offer very minimal, incremental fat melting. To put it in practical terms, a lower abdominal “pooch” may typically take multiple fat-freezing procedures, each taking an hour or more, for tangible results. When treating this same area, Smartlipo totally eliminates all excess fat and tightens the overlying skin in 30-60 minutes. The total investment in time and money is much less with this “one and done” approach.

To those of us who’ve been doing liposuction since its introduction into the U.S. in the 1980s, this laser wand is as close to a magic want as we’ll ever get!

Dr. Robert Benson
American Board Certified Dermatologist, Dermatological Surgeon, and Cosmetic Surgeon

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