Tangi Lifestyle: The Big Leagues of Medicine

“Expert” is a word used so much in every aspect of our lives today that it has become almost meaningless, leading to skepticism rather than trust. A common definition is “a person who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”

When looking for a medical provider, is there a reliable indicator to decipher a true expert in a given field from one who simply calls oneself a specialist? The answer is called “board certification.” Contained within these two words are three to eight years of intense, full-time academic and clinical training beyond four years M.D. or D.O. degree followed by days-long testing by an accredited national specialist board. The testing is comprehensive, from basic science at the molecular and cellular level to the complexities of clinical medicine and surgery.

The great Michael Jordan left basketball to become a professional baseball player. Despite his athletic talent. Work ethic, and desire, he stayed in the minor leagues because he could not master the sport at a major league level. Think of residency training as long years in the minor leagues as a doctor tries to master the finer points of a proven specialty. Board certification is making it to the “Big Leagues” as a proven master of medical specialty. At Benson Dermatology and QnA Cosmetic Surgery, all of our providers are board-certified because specialty training truly does matter!

Dr. Robert Benson
American Board Certified Dermatologist

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