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Love Your Skin Again

Many of us can remember when microwave ovens first became available. We were simply amazed at how fast that big metal box could heat food in seconds!

In dermatology, these same microwaves are today used in radiofrequency treatments to do the same thing–generate heat in millisecond bursts to areas within our skin that need remodeling. In areas within our skin that need remodeling. In areas with extra fat, such as lower lid bags, special insulated needles reach down and sizzle the fat away. For general sagging of face or neck skin, tiny needle grids are stamped on the overlying skin which produces bursts of microwaves over the entire area, leading to tightening via collagen production.

Why is this such a revolution in skin remodeling? Light waves in the form of laser energy have to beam through the top layers of the skin to reach their target, limiting their ability to generate enough heat deep down to remodel and tighten. Sound waves in the form of ultrasound have the same problem as they burst through the skin in a less focused way. Both of these methods are typically more painful, as are some traditional radiofrequency treatments. But newer radiofrequency technology such as the Agnes and Scarlet treatments utilize special insulated needles to prevent any “spillover” heat and strictly limit the beneficial energy to the targeted layer. Picking the right type of “wave” results in little or no downtime and predictable tightening and remodeling.

Come to QnA Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa to see if the amazing technology of Agnes and Scarlet is right for you!

Dr. Robert Benson
 American Board Certified Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon, and Dermatological Surgeon

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