How To Treat Dry Winter Skin

A popular question right now is how to treat dry winter skin. With the cooler weather, some may be experiencing a little bit of easiness and flakiness. At QnA, we've got plenty of products to help remedy that situation.

For preventative measures to not get dry and flaky in the winter months, you can use our Glytone KP kit which contains body wash and body lotion. Both have high amounts of glycolic acid and actually help your skin to retain moisture.

If you've already lost that moisture and things are getting a little flaky, you can use Avene skincare which offers a body wash and body lotion. This can be used head to toe even on the face, and it's even great for babies and eczema.

If you've got cracking going on, especially with the hands and feet, you can use our more intensive treatment the Avene Cicalfate+. This is a restorative post-care cream that will actually help to heal the skin and control itchiness.

No matter what type of winter skin you have. We've probably got a remedy at QnA and you're more than welcome to call, ask questions about the products or stop by to try them out.

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